About William K's

Like the waterfront itself, William K's Restaurant is the product of a group of people who had a vision for a better tomorrow. A vision of a place where people could gather, enjoy the view, the company, the food and everything that surrounds them. After years of honing their crafts inside and out of WNY, they all converged back to this one spot.  Like everything that Buffalo is - hard work dedication, sacrifice and a passion for our city, William K's Restaurant was created.

Executive Chef Todd Lesakowski's menu is created using only the freshest of ingredients that are sourced from small vendors who are as passionate for their craft as we are about ours, nuturing the consumer and heightening their senses with exquisite tastes.

While many say we create a product, Chef Todd is more interested in creating a reaction. His menu items may at times border on whimsical expressions of recipes and ingredients misinterpretted from their cultures, he graciously encourages our guests to utilize our enthusiastic and knowledgeable service staff to help navigate through the menu items. Every ingredient is used to compliment each dish to create an explosion of flavors that will enhance your senses and create a euphoria of taste.